Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Have I Been Under A Rock?

I saw an interesting display at our local Tractor Supply Store this weekend. You know how it is – you wander around the store with a glazed look in your eyes looking at odd things while your husband looks at stuff he doesn’t need either.

This is what I found.

Have I been under a rock? I didn’t know about this stuff.

There is a guy that I work with that has been under the weather for a few weeks. I think I may get him some. It surely can’t hurt. It looks like it may take care of whatever bothers you, where ever it bothers you.

Who knows? I may even try some myself…..

Makes me wonder what my husband looks at while I’m in Hobby Lobby.

I bet it’s not anything like this….



Diane@Diane's Place said...

LOL! I saw this on another blog but I haven't seen it in a store yet. I know when I do I'm going to buy several packages of it! One for my hubby and for several others that I'm almost sure suffer from the dreaded monkey butt. ;o)

Praying for you, sweet friend....

Love and hugs,


Jess said...

Too funny...let me know how everything goes!

Love, Jess