Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

Since it is the first day of Spring, I'm going to show you five of my favorite things about Spring and what Spring looks like around our house. If you want to join in the Friday's Fave Five fun, be sure and visit Susanne.

1. This is the grass that we sowed 2 weeks ago.
It's coming up!

2. I love these little grape hyacinths that grow wild all over our yard.

3. This is what I call double buttercups.

4. This is Callie. She came to us this past fall. She was wild, skinny, and had part of her ear and fur missing. Of course I fed her.... She is now very tame. She has now "filled out" and is waiting for her little family to arrive.
We hope it is a little family......

5. Birds are everywhere in our yard.
Don't worry - the cat is too chubby to climb the tree to catch a bird!

Happy 1st Day of Spring!



Susanne said...

Spring has certainly sprung where you are! Looks so lovely!

Willow said...

Lovely spring fave fives! Let's hope the cat and bird don't 'meet'.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Callie! She is such a sweet cat. I agree the birds have NOTHING to worry about. And no Jennie does not need a kitten!

Rhea Anne said...

Wow Lesa.. what beautiful pictures. We miss you at school. When do you get to come back? Not the same with out you. Love, Rhea Anne

Polly Forns said...

But I DO want a cat (or two) so don't forget if you need homes for some of them!