Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday - What's for Supper?

Actually, I fixed this for supper last night with Fried Chicken Strips.

I cut boneless chicken breast into 1 inch wide long strips. Dip them in buttermilk and roll in Bisquick and drop into the deep fryer. Oh my! My guys love these!

I also had baby lima beans, boiled potatoes with butter, and cornbread. I fixed enough last night so we would have leftovers tonight.


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Diane J. said...

My sister Sue makes this slaw.

Your supper sounds good!

If you know what poke salad is, my sister Donna and I picked a big mess today and I've got mine cooked down, ready to season and eat or scramble with some eggs, my preferred way of preparing it.

Love and hugs,