Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Imaginary Friends

Now that I have entered the world of blogging, I feel like I have imaginary friends that my family does not know or see. This reminds me of my son, Justyn, when he was about 4 years old and had an imaginary friend named Doo-Dah.

Doo-Dah lived in California and worked at a car wash. His father was a mechanic and repaired cars. He changed colors with his moods. He would be red on the days that he was mad and rainbow colors when he was happy. One time he ran a red light and had to go to jail. In my son’s little innocent world that was probably the worse crime he could think of someone committing. He was as real to us as he was to my son. We even stopped the car one day on the side of the road to let him in the back seat after Justyn insisted that he was standing there and needed a ride. I couldn’t help but look in the rear view mirror to see if someone was really there! Doo-Dah eventually left us when Justyn started to school. Being a young mother, I worried that Justyn had mental or emotional problems with him having such a vivid imaginary friend! I asked the pediatrician and he assured me that it was a sign high intelligence. I guess he was right. Justyn graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science.

I wonder what ever happened to Doo Dah. I bet he is still standing somewhere on the road side, waiting for some other little boy to come along and give him a ride.



karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh, how funny! I know just what you mean, about the imaginery freinds in blogworld. My family is always teasing me about my "freinds" that they don't believe in.

Becky said...

Oh, that post was so much fun to read. Our first son had an imaginary friend named Rena. She did wicked little things like hid my kitchen utensils and walk on the ceiling.. And she would ask for a bowl of ice cream or a snack of popcorn at the most inconvenient times.

Our son is graduating from college in May with a double major in Finance and Business so I guess he did ok too.

I loved the memories this brought back.

By the way, my husband calls my blogging friends my "virtual friends".

Have a great weekend!!

daisy said...

LOL. Welcome to the blogosphere where there are imaginary friends galore! Fun for everyone!

I know what you mean. Sometimes my honey teases me because he says I do more talking to people I don't "know" than anyone he knows.

I'm excited for you for winning the SCC CD. Enjoy.

And thank you for commenting on my blog. Your cats' names are so creative: Tipper and Tilda! I love that.