Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm a Winner!

I cannot believe it! This must be my lucky day. I won a CD over at Barb’s place! I can’t wait to listen to the Steven Curtis Chapman CD. Thanks Barb for hosting this giveaway! Thanks Daisy for letting me know that I had won. Maybe I need to go buy a lottery ticket. No - I had better not push my luck!

I’m off from work this week (Spring Break) so I thought I would make a few card sets as thank you gifts for friends that have really helped me out lately. Since I have this whole week to play, I hope to get several sets done. One of the ladies is a Mary Kay consultant and loves pink and black. I made a set of 6 purse shaped cards for her. I’m going to try to post a picture on here if I can figure out what I’m doing……

(Hopefully a picture will be posted between here and the next paragraph…)

(It took me half the day to figure how to put my picture where I want it!)

I’m keeping my sweet little niece today and again on Thursday. She is 7 months old and at the age of wanting to sit up, lie down, jump on my lap, and be held all at the same moment! It’s been 27 years since I had a baby at this age. So I’m really feeling my age today! Her grandmother is going to keep her tomorrow and my sister is off from work on Wednesday. I’m going to keep her again on Thursday, so I have to two days to recover before she stays with me again!


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Becky said...

Lesa, welcome to the world of blogging! And I see you already have the hang of winning prizes. I was a winner too, with Barb's giveaway. That makes it so fun.

Thanks for coming by to see me today. I appreciate your visit.

I hope you will hang in with the blogging. It is very addictive!