Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Puzzle Time

When I was growing up, we gathered around the card table that was set up in the living room near the fireplace. All eyes were focused on the small pieces that would eventually form the pictures of old covered bridges, barns, or beautiful animals. On cold winter days, when we couldn’t play outside, we worked jigsaw puzzles. We would tell jokes, family stories, or just visit with the neighbors that stopped by on Sunday afternoons. While working puzzles and munching on homemade snacks, we would make memories that would last a lifetime. I remember us visiting with a family that had one of those fake cans of peanuts. When you opened the can, a springing cloth snake popped out. Somebody ALWAYS fell for the trick! Being the nut lover that I am, it was usually me! Those were the days of no cell phones, video games, and only two channels on the television – if you were lucky and it wasn’t raining! We entertained ourselves. Those truly were the days of better times.

Recently, my husband has started working jigsaw puzzles. Since November, he has done 15 – 1000 piece puzzles. He says that they help him to relax after a long day of work. He likes the puzzles that are pictures of old tractors. I’m not the picky. I just enjoy the challenge of completing the picture!

I enjoy the jigsaw puzzles that are on Jig Zone. I created a puzzle tonight of a picture that I took this afternoon. I know you can complete the puzzle faster than I did.

Go get a snack. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy working the puzzle!

"The Dandy Lion" by Lesa

Click to Mix and Solve


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