Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh my - What am I doing?

I've been thinking about blogging for awhile now and decided to test the waters! I'm not sure how to do this so bear with me as I try. I can't spell "kat" sometimes so my spelling will be bad and I think faster than I type so words may be missing.
One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging is to share my love for crafts, photography, and cooking. So hang in here with me and maybe I'll post something eventually of interest!


daisy said...

Hi! I found you over at Barb's blog, A Chelsea Morning. I think that you won one of her CDs so I wanted to give you my congrats.

It's always fun to check out new blogs, and it looks like yours is really new! Welcome!

Lesa said...

I can't wait to listen to the cd! Thanks Daisy! I'm not sure what I've got myself into with blogging. I'm still learning! Thanks for the welcome!