Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday - What's for supper?

Tonight we had bacon and tomato sandwiches with skillet potatoes. These hydroponic tomatoes were locally grown by Mennonites in a greenhouse. They are grown in water with no soil. My local grocery sells them for $2.29 a pound and they are worth every penny! It will be awhile before our tomatoes are ripe in our little "mini-garden" of 3 tomato plants. Until then, I'm saving my pennies for tomatoes and gas! The skillet potatoes are really good and quick. I also got a small carton of strawberries at the grocery. They come with the most wonderful marshmallow/cream cheese dip!

Our local grocery is on my way home from work. I stop there several times a week to pick up things to go with supper. They have a great selection of meat that is cut there at the store and their produce is always fresh. Alot of times I will see the same people and we always start the same conversation of "What's for supper?"! Many times I have no ideas for supper until I go in the grocery. I could plan our meals but then I would miss the fun of stopping at the grocery!


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Diane J. said...

When I bought groceries a few weeks ago tomatoes were $2.99 a lb. and I left them setting there. If they were really good I might pay that, but not for hothouse tomatoes that are gassed to ripen them and they're still tasteless and hard as a rock!

Your supper sounds great! I just had some fried eggs and toast, and a few pieces of sugared toast as dessert. ;o)

Hope the rest of your week is good!

Love and hugs,