Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Charlie & Jim

Monday when I got home from work, I had a box waiting for me. Inside this box, was my order from Barb - her shoppe . The minute I popped these two rascals out of the box, their little personalities came to life!

Their names are Charlie and Jim. Charlie (on the left) is very quite and shy. He doesn’t have much to say. Jim (on the right) is another story entirely! He is the busy one and carries on something all the time! They are so cute with their red bows and wide smiles! I got one to give Jennie. I got the other one to give as baby gift later this summer. I’m thinking Jim may have to stay with me. He seems like my kind of guy!

I might just have to find something else for the baby gift to go along with the burp clothes I ordered from Barb too. The burp cloths are absolutely adorable! I got the ones with Pooh. Barb does such a beautiful job in wrapping the burp clothes so that they are ready to give. Her little shoppe on the web is full of great gift ideas and things to keep for yourself! I can’t wait to see what else she will make to sell!

She also has a wonderful blog with cooking and craft ideas along with good thoughts for everyday living. Her blogs are well worth your time to check out!



Barb said...

It's so much fun, for me, to see those two critters in your photo after I've mailed them to you, Lesa.

Thank you so much for these kind words. I'm very pleased that you liked your monkeys and burp cloths and just very appreciative of your endorsement for my little shoppe.

I think Jim should stay with you! LOL

jamie in rose cottage said...

I may have to check into buying one of these, too! My daughter really wants a sock monkey. I keep saying I should just make one, but it hasn't happened yet, so I should just buy one!