Saturday, May 9, 2009

Max & Muffin - Friends or Not?

Muffin, Callie's kitten, is now almost 7 weeks old.
I named her Muffin because of the "M" on her head.

Max loves cats and kittens. He is very kind and gentle. He can't imagine why Muffin doesn't like him. He just wants to sniff her because cats smell
really great when you are a schnauzer!

Muffin is still not sure of Max and lets him know exactly how she feels. Kittens are so funny hissing and spitting while they fluff out every little piece of fur on the their bodies. It's so funny to watch them inflate like
little beach balls!

Muffin is still not eating kitten food and is perfectly content nursing from Callie. She sees no need to ever eat from a dish! I have been working on this with her for a couple of weeks now with no luck. The vet told me to start taking her away from Callie as much I can. I brought her inside this morning and she did eat a few bites of soft kitten food. I'm going to keep her in the kitchen until about 8:00 tonight and maybe she will eat before she goes back outside to her box with Callie. She has to eat from a dish before she packs her little bags and goes to a new home! I'm ready for her to find a new home!

Callie is not ready to let go of her baby!
I know how she feels!


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