Friday, July 11, 2008

Which is easier?

Going to someone new to get your hair cut or going to a new gynecologist? They both rank right up there together in my book!

I have had the same person cut my hair since 1974. When I was in the 8th grade, my hair was so long it would get caught in the bottom of the bus seat. I talked Mom into letting me get my hair cut at a “real beauty shop”. Up until that time, Mom would cut my hair on the porch with scissors. I don’t know how many pictures were taken of me with crooked bangs!

At the beauty shop, Linda cut and permed my hair like Gloria on “All in the Family” and I loved it! She had been a part of my life since then. She has always known exactly what I wanted my hair to like when I just moved my hand over my head and tried to describe what I wanted. She would be the first one to tell me when I wouldn’t like my hair cut a certain way and she was always right when I didn’t listen. She would also tell me when I needed to cover the gray "highlights", pluck my eyebrows or trim that one “wild hair” that decided to grow on my chin! The was a trust there that was established 34 years ago when she cut off what seemed like three feet of hair and gave me my first curly perm. She had been with me though high school, marriage, the birth of a baby, divorce, remarriage, and many deaths of loved ones. I could tell her anything and know that it would go no further. Not that we would ever gossip – no – never! When Linda retired last December with fingers that were bent with painful arthritis, I felt like I had lost one of my best friends.

Since I haven’t had my hair cut since a week before Christmas, I have come up with many ways of coping with my hair while it was “growing out”. I have more headbands, clips, and “scrunchies” than any woman should ever have. Someone at work asked me if I was staging my own personal rebellion for Linda retiring. Well – maybe I was.

So today was the day.

I asked several people at work who cut their hair. I finally made a call to a highly recommended stylist on Monday and got an appointment for this morning. I decided that I would get a good all over trim and go back later for more if I liked her. When I first came in, I tried to make small talk with her since we had a few friends in common. I can usually carry on a conversation with a brick wall but not this girl. She acted like I was a big inconvenience and a waste of her time. She kept up a full conversation with the other stylist as if I was not even sitting in her chair. She even stopped and walked over to whisper something to the other stylist. After she trimmed the back and the top of my hair, she said, “I hope that is enough.” She handed me the brush so I could brush it and see. I told her I thought it was fine (just to get out) and asked if she could dry it so I could go back to work. She had drenched my head and blouse with water from a squirt bottle. After she fried and pulled out half my hair drying it, (I swear - it was smoking!) I didn’t have enough nerve to ask her to curl and style it! Looking like a porcupine caught in a weed eater, I paid her and went home to fix my hair! It does look better but I will not go back to her. Now I’m on the hunt again for someone else to cut my hair.

Next month I have to find a new gynecologist so I can get my hormones refilled. I hope I have better luck. I just hope I don’t come out of the doctor’s office with fried hair looking like a wild porcupine! That would be just my luck. I’ll keep you posted!



Chappyswife said...

Oh, Lesa! I am sorry it was such a bad experience (though you had me laughing the whole time - sorry.) Man, have I lived this one more than once.

Waiting with anticipation and nervousness for the appointment to finally arrive - what a treat! Then, nothing but disappointment and sometimes anger. Whew! What we go through to look good! lol

A great hairstylist who is also a friend is priceless. I hope you find one soon.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'm not the typical girly girl when it comes to my hair. As long as it's short enough that it doesn't touch my face, neck or ears, or long enough that I can twist it up off my face, neck and ears, I'm happy with it.

Mine is also naturally curly and wavy so it forgives bad cuts or mistakes pretty well. I'm fortunate that either Jessica or my sister Ducky usually cuts my hair for me. It's free unless you count providing Sunday Dinner and childcare as payment. ;o)

Hope it's not as bad as you thought after you wash it and fiddle with it a little.

Happy Weekend! :o)

Love and hugs,


Becky said...

Oh, Lesa! This is so funny, and so true!

I have always said there are 3 people that you trust more than any others in the world. These are the 3 that I find so difficult to replace when you move to a new area. Doctor, hairdresser, and car mechanic.

I have been cutting my own hair since college ... over 30 years. I go about once a year to get a good cut ... for $10 at the walk in place ... and then just do my own thing. I do a pretty good job. The truth is I hate paying the money, even $10, I hate taking the time and I have being fussed over.

Sounds to me like your hairdresser was so much more than just someone who cut your hair. You may never be able to replace her.

Let us know! And thanks for stopping by today.

Anonymous said...

You are so right.

That said:

Charla at JCPenney. I LOVE her. She repaired the worst haircut of my life and I've been with her ever since. She always does as I ask, and is honest with her opinions about whether or not something will work. She does a great job.

And, I love Dr. Gapp at OBGYN Associates. He delivered my babies :-)

Sammy said...

Oh Lesa, I feel your pain!! I'm serious! Just a few weeks ago I decided to try someone new--someone who had been highly recommended. I explained to the stylist that I'm pregnant and I really, really do not want to make a big hair mistake under these conditions. She said she understood and then proceeded to give me the very worst haircut I've ever had in my life. (I won't even tell you how much it cost!) I left the salon feeling so depressed. Two days later I went to someone else to fix it. Now I'm finally happy with it. But poorer.

You'll find someone new! It may just take some time. And how lucky that you got to have Linda for all those years!


P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

Genevieve said...

I need a haircut, but I hate to go. I've been trimming my bangs, and the rest of it keeps getting longer and longer. I would love to have shorter hair but I'm afraid to have it cut. Ambivalent? Why, yes, most certainly I am. It would be wonderful to have a hairdresser who would just take over management of my hairdo.

daisy said...

You are so funny! I'm trying to imagine a porcupine caught in a weedeater. Hee hee! Oops, sorry. We're talking about you. I have my straight face back on here. :)

There's nothing worse than a hairdresser who just talks to other people. She is definitely in the wrong business. I'm lucky enough to have one of my daughter's friends who went to beauty school cut my hair. She moved to Texas (the other end of the world!) for a while but she is coming back to MN. Yay! Otherwise, just keep asking. Or make friends with the receptionist at a hair salon and ask her who she would recommend. I've found a good stylist that way, too.