Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rumble of Random Thoughts

Please "bear" with me - this will be a long rambling post.......

This has been a very busy week for me.
We have started the new state computer system at work. Most of the student addresses did not convert over from the old system. Guess what I have been doing at work since Monday? Since we have 540 students enrolled as of Friday, I have been putting addresses in the computer day and night, every waking moment, and in my sleep! The best part of the new system is that it is web based, so I can work from home when I need to. Thank goodness we have DSL at home! I stayed home all day Tuesday and worked without any phone interruptions. I washed 6 loads of cloths, cooked supper and enrolled 68 kindergarten students. I stayed in my PJs until 2:00 in the afternoon! I could easily get used to working from home!


July 23, 1988

Wednesday was our 20th wedding anniversary. I was "several" pounds lighter and had long 80's style hair in this picture! It seems like just yesterday that we were dating and falling in love! I took the day off from work Wednesday and we took a little trip to Evansville, Indiana for shopping, eating, and to visit the cemetery where my great aunt is buried. We had never been to the cemetery before and got lost - just a little! There was lot of road construction and detours in the area.

St. Joseph’s Cemetery is located near Mesker’s Zoo. I have never, in all my life, seen a cemetery that large! It was one of the most beautiful, well kept, peaceful cemeteries I have ever seen. We stopped at the main office to find directions to the gravesites. My aunt, uncle, and their daughter are buried there. We found them very easily with the printed directions that we were given. We could have looked all day and never would have found the markers since there are over 37,000 people buried there. This is a picture that I took of one of the statues in cemetery. The other picture is looking across one area of the cemetery.


Today we drove over into Missouri to Lamberts. This was Jennie’s first Lamberts trip. We got there at 1:00 and got our number - #454. They told us it was at least a one hour wait time. We went to the Outlet Mail to shop instead of waiting outside in 98 degree heat! When we returned, they were calling #448. We waited outside for about 20 minutes before they called our number. We stuffed ourselves with rolls, fried okra, fried potatoes, and much more! I ordered the fried jowl and had plenty leftover for breakfast in the morning! We stopped on the way home in Paducah at the mall and shopped there for awhile. There were great sales on baby cloths and you know that Jennie never has enough cloths! It sure felt great to get home tonight and take off my shoes and rest.

This is Jennie waiting to enjoy Lambert's for the first time!

It didn't take her very long to spy the rolls!

Can you tell that she might be just a little bit spoiled?


We have no big plans for tomorrow other than the usual Sunday stuff. I’m putting a pork roast in the crock pot tonight for sandwiches tomorrow for dinner. I also plan to fix baked potatoes in the oven, macaroni & cheese, and slice some tomatoes. It will be just a lazy day for us before we start back to work on Monday. It is supposed to be in the upper 90s and humid for the next several days. I think I can hear the air conditioner calling my name this week!



Diane@Diane's Place said...

Happy belated Anniversary! :-)

I've heard about Lambert's but never been to one. There's one up in the boot heel of Missouri somewhere, I hear. I guess they're a little like Cracker Barrel, maybe?

I LOVE hog jowl bacon! It's one of my favorite things in the whole world, and you can tell it by looking at me, LOL! I haven't had any in months because of trying to cut back to lose weight, so I'm so jealous!

Winnie just looks adorable, not spoiled, LOL! ;o)

Hope your Sunday is a good one, Lesa.

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Which school do you work for? It would be such a small world if you worked at my boys' school...

Sammy said...

Well, that's just the cutest little baby! Adorable! Those cheeks!!

I've never heard of Lambert's. And I have to admit this. I've also never really heard of hog jowl. But here in the northeast we are not very adventurous with our food, I suppose! :-)

Have a great week,