Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary Helen!

This is a picture of the barn that Mary Helen would see on the way to Granny and Papa's house when she was growing up. She knew when she saw this barn that they were almost there! That was many years ago when it was a long trip from Pembroke to Pee Dee. (I'm not sure if she rode in a horse and buggy or not!) It now only takes 20 minutes. I will not tell how old she is today. Let's just say that she is older than me (and dirt) and that is old.... I love her dearly.

Guess who is coming to see you today?

Love Ya!

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Anonymous said...

Bless you for making my day so very special. Me no have buggy,no horse,me walk uphill in the snow both ways to Pee Dee. Now watch who you call older than dirt----I know all the dirt on you. But I never tell. As special, as precious,as saintly,as kind, as thoughtful, as OH WELL.....nobody would believe anything bad I tried to say about you anyway. See you soon, please. Love Merry Merry