Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bringing Home Lucy Lane!

My blog friend Kristi left for Ethiopia today to bring home her sweet baby girl. Kristi and Will already have four of the cutest children God ever made. Now they are making room in their hearts for one more. Keep Kristi in your prayers this week as she travels with her sister to bring home Lucy Lane. Also keep Will in your prayers as he "holds down the fort" at home! I cannot imagine the anticipation and excitement that is stirring inside their hearts this week!

You can keep track of Kristi in her travels and read about her journey to this point at Longing for Lucy Lane. You will see that Kristi and Will are truly two of God's most special parents!


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Polly Forns said...

Oh Lesa, I just read this on Kristi's website and came here to thank you for the poem myself. I, too, cried as I ready it. I love Kristi and Will even though I have only met them once (I was lucky enough to get to go to her Gold Party) I didn't know YOU were her blog friend, too, or I would have taken you with me to meet her! They are all as fabulous in person as they are here. Thanks again for brightening MY night!