Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice, Ice, and More Ice on the Way!

So far, we have not lost power totally. The lights have blinked and gone dim several times since last night. More ice and snow are expected tonight. Many in our area are without power. A family to the north of us had a house fire this morning. I feel so blessed! We may not get out again until spring but that's alright as long as we are safe and warm!
Our driveway is blocked due to tree limbs. Every time they fall it sounds like a gunshot or an explosion. They started falling about 2:00a.m. and have been falling all day. Just about the time I dosed off this morning, the phone rang at 3:45a.m. We have an automated phone message system in our school district. They were calling to say that there would be no school today.... Anybody with half a brain would have known that there was not going to be school today! After the phone call, I was wide awake worrying about the weather. I hope if we get a call tonight it is at a more decent time!
Hope you all are safe and warm!


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Jess said...

Safe and warm still and glad that you are as well. Mom and Dad lost power over an hour ago, and ours is blinking like crazy. Our trailor is surrounded by huge trees and mainly pine trees (which are very brittle....) and the limbs and trees are falling like crazy... so pray hard, and keeping you in my prayers as well.

love, Jess