Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I was tagged!

Earlier this week, I was tagged by Jerri at The Prissy Chicken Memories. Jerri is such a hoot! Be sure and go read her facts! Thanks Jerri for sharing!

This is what I had to do:

So here it goes --

  1. I was born with 3 kidneys. My kidneys work like normal kidneys. No – I don’t have to go to the bathroom more than the normal person. I was also born with only one ovary. This explains why God blessed me with only one child. I didn’t know about the missing ovary until 4 years ago when I had surgery. I would love to adopt but who is going to let a 47 year old couple adopt a child?
  2. I could almost be a vegetarian. I don’t like processed preformed meats. If it wasn’t for bacon and country ham – I could really be a vegetarian.
  3. I have never liked glitter. Even as a child in school – I hated glitter. I can’t stand the way it sticks to everything. The feel of it on my skin bothers me. I look like a cat in a litter pan trying to get it off my hands! I have this fear that it will get in my eyes or up my nose.
  4. The smell of pancake syrup makes me sick. I got sick after eating pancakes when I was pregnant 27 years ago. You just never get over something that comes flying out your nose when you are pregnant.
  5. I got so nervous that I wet my pants in front of the church when I ten years old during Bible drills. It ran down my legs into my white dressy socks and went into my black paten leather shoes. There was never a drop on the floor. My shoes were full. Now this happens when I sneeze or cough suddenly!
  6. I am convinced that I have ADD and OCD. During in-service trainings, I count the ceiling tiles or notice every flaw in the ceiling or walls. Then I realize that I have missed half of what I should of heard. At church, I can tell you how many light bulbs are in each light fixture and which ones needed to be changed a month ago. I look for patterns in flooring or fabrics. I notice odd things that normal people don’t notice.
  7. I am addicted to boxes – all shapes and sizes. I am especially drawn to small boxes. I can never throw away a good box. It’s like a friend that I may need to call on later to help me out! I will admit. I am a pack rat!

So there. I have now confessed some of my unknown secrets and weird facts. I’m not going to tag anyone but if you want to participate – go ahead – knock yourself out! It has been fun reading what people tell about themselves!

Have a great rest of the week!



Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hi, Lesa. I enjoyed your meme, but I have to tell you that considering my family and friends, your weird facts don't seem all that unusual. And just to keep it honest here, I have to say I have some odd quirks too. ;o)

I don't remember if I've told you or not, but I really like the new header pic.

Happy Halloween!

Love and hugs,


Rhea Anne said...

love it..I hate glitter also.. I didn't know we had that in common. And hey your not to old to adopt as you said it. It would be a wonderful blessing from God. Think about it. Happy Halloween-tomorrow should be fun... hee hee

Sammy said...

Oooh, I also hate glitter!

Great list! You're nice and quirky! :-)


The Chicken Farmer's Wife----------------- said...

I love your list!! Those things seem so "normal" compared to mine!! hee hee Thanks for playing along, it's been fun, hasn't it?!