Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's A New Year!

I archive my pictures from the previous year and burn them onto CDs each January. It takes me awhile since I take a lot of pictures - 12 CDs/one for each month.

Tonight I enjoyed looking back at some of my favorites that held a special memory. I thought I might share a few over the next several days.

Here are the first pictures that got me sidetracked -

Garth Brooks - need I say more......

He was wonderful! We had nosebleed seats at the top rail - 5 rows from the very top of Bridgestone Arena at the rail. 
They were fairly good seats since there was no one sitting in front of us to block our view to the bottom...... 
I slipped on the last step going to our seats in the dark and I thought I was going over the rail in the middle of 18,000 people! My fear of heights was really kicking my butt! 
I'm so glad I had a great zoom lens on my camera. I didn't stand up until it was time to go. 
My sister laughed at me - she knows I'm a chicken.....
Cluck! Cluck!


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