Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feeling Old

I went to see my Aunt Sara this afternoon. She had a broken hip 6 weeks ago and recently returned from the nursing home. Aunt Sara had a stroke many years ago. She is in a wheelchair but her mind is still pretty sharp. She has problems putting her words together sometimes unless she is really mad and then she is very fluent in all words. She normally uses two to three word phrases to communicate. Aunt Sara is Dad’s sister. There are three siblings still living – Herbert, Sarah, and Lucille. Aunt Sarah asked how Mom and Dad were doing and this is how the conversation took a turn for the worse…..

Aunt Sara: “Herbert’s birthday.”

Me: “Yes – Dad has birthday on the 23rd. He will be 80.”

Aunt Sara: “Lucille’s birthday first.”

Me: “She has a birthday on the 20th. She will be 95. You have a birthday in June don’t you?”

Aunt Sara: “Yes – 90! September for you.”

Me: “Yes – mine is in Spetember. I’ll be 50.”

Aunt Sara: “Oooo weee! Old!”

It’s bad when your almost 90 year old aunt says “Oooo weee! Old!” when you tell her you will be 50 on your next birthday…..

I'm feeling older every minute that I'm closer to 50.



Genevieve said...

Sounds like you have some good longevity genes in your family. Really, the 50s aren't bad. Just keep telling yourself that you're only one day older than yesterday!

Anonymous said...

OUCH!!!!You can't be 50. Only yesterday you were standing in my bedroom in front of the mirror with your dress pulled up in the front and looking at your drawers.And you haven't change a bit. Still doing that.....Merry Merry

Lesa said...

Now Merry Merry - who taught me those tricks at such a young tender age? It was you! Love Ya!