Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kim Hill & Lisa Harper - One Amazing Evening!

Thursday night I had the honor of attending an awesome event sponsored by our local YMCA. It was a Prayer Dinner featuring Kim Hill and Lisa Harper. I was invited by Eva Self along with several of my co-workers from school. The food that was served was really good but the spiritual feeding was even better! We had an amazing time of music, laughter, and fellowship.

The best part was the sharing of God's word through music from Kim Hill and the message
presented by Lisa Harper. She gave Hebrews 11 a whole new twist! Her sense of humor is hilarious! It felt wonderful to be able to pray and worship with my friends and co-workers. We needed this message so much to help remind us that we can trust and depend on our Lord and Saviour when situations seem stressful or impossible. Believe me - working in an elementary school can get very stressful!

This is a video of Kim Hill singing Psalm 1. She sang this song acappella at the opening of the program. It was as if it came directly from her soul and into the soul of all who listened. I was sitting next her and could hear humming through the song just before she went on stage. Her voice is an amazing gift from God.

Here are some pictures that I took of Eva Self and Kim Hill. The lighting was not the greatest for photos. There were green spotlights shining on each side of the stage. The one that I took of Lisa Harper did not turn out well. She looked as green as Herman Munster! I don't think she would have appreciated me posting that picture! And no - Eva does not have green hands!

Kim Hill

Eva Self

If you have not had the privilege of hearing these women - you have missed a blessing! Each one of them have their own unique story of God's blessings upon their lives and how He can work within your life also. I encourage you to check their schedules and see if they will be appearing near you. Trust me - it's an opportunity to be blessed that you don't want to miss!

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